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Somebody said That It Couldn't be Done

....with the exception of articles and prepositions

Ρart Οne

             Ιs it possible for a Greek who does not know English to understand an English text? 
            The answer is yes.  A British art magazine proves this by publishing the following 
             article which consists, with the exception of articles and prepositions, exclusively  
             Greek words.

   “ The genesis of classical drama was not symptomatic. Aneuphoria of charismatic and talented protagonists showed fantastic scenes of historic episodes. 
    The prologue, the theme and the epilogue, comprised the trilogy of drama while synthesis, analysis and synopsis characterized the phraseology of the text.
   The syntax and phraseology used by scholars, academicians and philosophers in their rhetoric, had many grammatical idioms and idiosyncrasies. The protagonists periodically used pseudonyms.
   Anonymity was a syndrome that characterized the theatrical atmosphere. The panoramic fantasy, the mystique, the melody, the aesthetics, the use of the cosmetic epithets are characteristics of drama.
   Eventhrough the theaters were physically gigantic, there was noneed for microphones because the architecture and the acoustics would echo isometrically and crystal – clear. Many epistomologists of physics, aerodynamics, acoustics, electronics, electromagnetics can not analyze – explain the ideal and isometric acoustics of Hellenic theaters even today.
   There were many categories of drama: classical drama, melodrama, satiric, epic, comedy, etc. The syndrome of xenophobia or dyslexia was overcome by the pathos of the actors who practiced methodically and emphatically. Acrobatics were also eup3horic.

   There was a plethora of anecdotal themes, with which the acrobats would electrify the ecstatic audience with scenes from mythical and historical episodes. Some theatric episodes were characterized as scandalous and blasphemous.
   Pornography, bigamy, hemophilia, nymphomania, polyandry, polygamy and heterosexuality were dramatized in a pedagogical way so the mysticism about them would not cause phobia or anathema or taken as anomaly but through logic, dialogue and analysis skepticism and the pathetic or cryptic mystery behind them would be dispelled.

   It is historically and chronologically proven that theater emphasized pedagogy, idealism and harmony. 
   Paradoxically it also energized patriotism a phenomenon that symbolized ethnically character and phenomenal heroism.
                                  Ρart Two

             Xenophon Zolotas (1904 – 2004), was a Greek economist and served as an interim 
             non-party Prime Minister of Greece.  Two of his speeches in English are considered
             to be historic and notable because they contained, with the exception of articles and 
             prepositions,  exclusively Greek words. Here are the texts:

 “ 1957.  I always wished to address this Assembly in Greek, but realized that it would have been indeed "Greek" to all present in this room. 
   I found out, however, that I could make my address in Greek which would still be English to everybody. 
   With your permission, Mr. Chairman, l shall do it now, using with the exception of articles and prepositions, only Greek words.

          Kyrie, I eulogize the archons of the Panethnic 

          Numismatic Thesaurus and the Ecumenical Trapeza 
          for the orthodoxy of their axioms, methods and 
          policies, although there is an episode of cacophony 
          of the Trapeza with Hellas.

          With enthusiasm we dialogue and synagonize at the

          synods of our didymous organizations in which
          polymorphous economic ideas and dogmas are
          analyzed and synthesized. Our critical problems such 
          as the numismatic plethora generate some agony and
          melancholy. This phenomenon is characteristic of 
          our epoch. 
          But, to my thesis, we have the dynamism to program
          therapeutic practices as a prophylaxis from chaos and 
          catastrophe. In parallel, a Panethnic unhypocritical 
          economic synergy and harmonization in a democratic 
          climate is basic. 
          I apologize for my eccentric monologue.
          I emphasize my euharistia to you, Kyrie to the 

          eugenic and generous American Ethnos and to the 
          organizers and protagonists of his Amphictyony and 
          the gastronomic symposia.” 

 “ 1959 
           Kyrie, it is Zeus' anathema on our epoch for the 
           dynamism of our economies and the heresy of 
           our economic methods and policies that we should
           agonize the Scylla of numismatic plethora and the 
           Charybdis of economic anaemia. 
           It is not my idiosyncrasy to be ironic or sarcastic, 
           but my diagnosis would be that politicians are 
           rather cryptoplethorists.
           Although they emphatically stigmatize numismatic

           plethora, they energize it through their tactics and 
           practices. Our policies have to be based more on 
           economic and less on political criteria. 
           Our gnomon has to be a metron between political,
           strategic and philanthropic scopes. Political magic 
           has always been anti-economic. 
           In an epoch characterized by monopolies, oligopolies,
           monopsonies, monopolistic antagonism and
           polymorphous inelasticities, our policies have to be 
           more orthological. But this should not be 
           metamorphosed into plethorophobia, which is 
           endemic among academic economists.
           Numismatic symmetry should not hyper-antagonize 

           economic acme. A greater harmonization between 
           the practices of the economic and numismatic archons 
           is basic. Parallel to this, we have to synchronize and
           harmonize more and more our economic and 
           numismatic policies panethnically.
           These scopes are more practicable now, when the
           prognostics of the political and economic barometer 
           are halcyonic. The history of our didymus 
           organizations in this sphere has been didactic and 
           their gnostic practices will always be a tonic to the
           polyonymous and idiomorphous ethnical economies.
           The genesis of the programmed organization will 
           dynamize these policies. Therefore, I sympathize,
           although not without criticism on one or two themes, 
           with the apostles and the hierarchy of our organs in 
           their zeal to program orthodox economic and 
           numismatic policies, although I have some logomachy 
           with them.
           I apologize for having tyrannized you with my Hellenic
           phraseology. In my epilogue, I emphasize my eulogy 
           to the philoxenous autochthons of this cosmopolitan
           metropolis and my encomium to you, Kyrie, and the 
___________________     No 17

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