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Is Quentin Tarantino a Greek?

Taranto, Italy - A colony of Sparta

   Is Quentin Tarantino a Greek? 
   Tarantino is an Italian word meaning "originating from Taranto (Taras)", the town in Apulia, south Italy. So it is used i.e. for gentilic of Taranto and for the Tarantino language. 

   ''Taras'' is the only colony established by Sparta. The foremost Greek city of south Italy. 

   This Greek city was founded by Spartan colonists in the late 700s BCE on the "instep" of the southern coast of Italy. 
   Often known by its Latin name, Tarentum, this city is now the Italian seaport of Taranto, located beside the Gulf of Taranto.
As the only colony established by Sparta, Taras maintained a Spartan form of government until switching to democracy, around 475 BCE. Taras thrived from farming, manufacturing (including pottery and jewelry), and Adriatic trade, despite the hostility of local Italian tribes. 

   By the mid-400s BCE it was the foremost Greek city of south Italy. 

   The city's peak came in the 300s BCE, when it was producing such luminaries as the philosopher-engineer Archytas and the philosopher-musical theorist Aristoxenus. But by midcentury Taras was being threatened by its Italian enemies—the nearby Lucanii and the more distant, expansionist city of Rome.

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