Friday, April 10, 2015

Marseille, Let's do not deny our origin

(Ne Renions Pas Origine de Notre Ville !)

Let's  do not deny our origin

Marseille,  France, was founded around  600 BCE  
by Greeks 
from the Asia Minor city of Phcoaea (as mentioned by
Thucydides Bk1,13,  Strabo, Athenaeus and  Justin)

    Football Club de Marseille adopted the name Olympique de Marseille in 1899, in honor of the anniversary of Marseille's founding by Greeks from Phocaea some 25 centuries earlier, with the name Olympique, coming from ancient Olympic Games and the colours (reversed flag of Greece) chosen to represent the club.

The Phocaean Greeks introduced the cult of Artemis, as in their other colonies, such as Agde, Nice, Antibes,  Monaco,  Emporiae  and  Rhoda. 
The Greeks from Phocaea also founded settlements in the island of  Corsica, such as at Alalia. 
the Greek Colony of Marseille,  by Rierre Puviw de Chavannes, 1869

From Massalia, the Phocaean Greeks also founded cities in northeastern Spain such as Emporiae and Rhoda.
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